salads | wraps

turn any of our salads into a wrap


grateful shred | $7.95
kale, red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, bean sprouts, heirloom cherry tomatoes, carrots, beets, golden raisins, toasted sunflower seeds, pecorino peppercorn dressing

sunshine citrus | $7.45
romaine, baby arugula, mango, papaya, cucumbers, orange segments, feta, red & yellow bell peppers, chipotle toasted almonds, grapefruit segments, yuzu thai basil vinaigrette

cobbocado | $7.45
kale, romaine, crispy bacon, heirloom cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, avocado, bleu cheese, red beet hardboiled egg, red onions, candied pecans, avocado ranch dressing

hummus tandoori | $7.95
baby spinach, romaine, red onions, cucumbers, pea tendrils, olives, feta, heirloom cherry tomatoes, ginger carrot hummus, tandoori spiced naan bread, tangerine mint yogurt dressing

kale, caesar! | $6.95
kale, pecorino romano, lemon zest, zucchini bread croutons, caesar dressing

build your own | $6.95


add a lil’ somethin’

free range chicken $3.45 | tuna poke $4.95 | citrus shrimp $4.95 |
tofu scramble $2.95 | stir fry steak $4.45 |  vegan chicken strips $4.45



rice bowls

greek rice bowl | $6.45
whole grain brown rice, red onions, cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta, naan, heirloom cherry tomatoes, ginger carrot hummus, house-made tzatziki sauce

southwest rice bowl | $6.45
whole grain brown rice, sweet corn, black beans, salsa verde, cilantro lime sour cream, white cheddar, heirloom cherry tomatoes, chickpea asado, avocado, jalapeño, green onion, red onion, lime

hawaii mang-o | $6.45
whole grain brown rice, mango, cucumber, pea tendrils, sesame seeds, red onion, macadamia nuts, basil, toasted coconut, spring onion, lime, ginger soy sauce


add a lil’ somethin’

free range chicken $3.45 | tuna poke $4.95 | citrus shrimp $4.95 |
tofu scramble $2.95 | stir fry steak $4.45 | vegan chicken strips $4.45



Grain & Noodle Bowls

cold bowls

good karma | $6.95
red quinoa, nutri-whole brown rice, red cabbage, beets, carrots, pea tendrils, sun-dried cherries, chipotle toasted almonds, mint, grapefruit, orange, spring onion, yuzu thai basil vinaigrette

mighty farro | $7.45
farro wheat, baby spinach, roasted sweet potato, chickpeas, broccoli, red onions, white cheddar, golden raisins, cauliflower, candied pecans, apple cider vinaigrette

freekah nature | $7.95
freekeh wheat, kale, moroccan carrots, dried blueberries, feta, chipotle toasted almonds, zucchini breadcrumbs, tangerine mint yogurt, pea tendrils, ginger carrot hummus vinaigrette

daniel-san | $7.45
chilled noodles, carrots, cucumbers, sriracha salted peanuts, pea tendrils, red beet hardboiled egg, red chili threads, sweet & sour cucumber dressing

hot bowls

medicine man | $6.95
noodles, carrots, edamame, broccoli, baby bok choy, red cabbage, basil, lime, jalapeño, bean sprouts, vegetable pho broth

legendary grains | $7.45
freekeh & farro wheat, sweet corn, black beans, chickpea asado, avocado, jalapeño, mild cheddar, heirloom cherry tomato, salsa verde, spring onion, cilantro-lime sour cream

add a lil’ somethin’

free range chicken $3.45 | tuna poke $4.95 | citrus shrimp $4.95 |
tofu scramble $2.95 | stir fry steak $4.45 |  vegan chicken strips $4.45



Power Bowls

pick your base

Açaí bowl

blended organic açaí, banana, blueberry, almond milk

greek yogurt

grass-fed non-gmo greek yogurt


the bee's knees | $7.95
granola, local honey, blueberries, bee pollen, sunflower seeds, golden raisins

maui wowie | $7.95
granola, mango, local honey, toasted coconut, banana, pineapple

your abc's | $7.95
granola, almond butter, banana, cacao nibs, strawberries

create your own (4 toppings) | $7.95
granola, blueberries, strawberries, mango, apples, papaya, grapefruit, oranges, cacao nibs, bananas, pineapple, dried blueberries, golden raisins, local honey, bee pollen, sun-dried cherries, toasted almonds, sunflower seeds, candied pecans, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts


power up

add a health boost to your power bowl or smoothie

organic matcha powder | $2.45

organic spirulina powder | $2.45

organic vega protein powder | $2.45



house-made popsicles

local & seasonal flavors | $2.95

organic & natural juice style (non-dairy) | $2.95




livegreen | $9.00
kale, spinach, almond milk, mango, pineapple, vanilla protein powder, banana

(o)mega mango | $9.00
mango, banana, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, peanut butter

pb&j | $9.00
mixed berries, peanut butter, banana, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, blueberries

butter cup | $9.00
peanut butter, banana, chocolate syrup, vanilla protein powder, almond milk

berry well | $9.00
strawberries, banana, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, blueberries

powerberry shortcake | $9.00
strawberries, banana, almond milk, vanilla protein powder





cold-pressed juices by juicera | $10
12 oz | assorted flavors

nitro cold brewed coffee by juicera | $8
10 oz

perfectO by juicera | $8
10 oz


smartwater (20 oz) | $2.95

just water (16.9 oz) | $2.45

pellegrino sparkling (16.9 oz) | $2.95


wellness shots by juicera | $6
2 oz | assorted flavors

wheatgrass shots
1 oz $4 | 2 oz $6